Wednesday 14 March 2012

How to crochet flowers By Fibreromance

How to crochet flowers

By Fibreromance


Make your very own crochet necklace

Use it as a hair clip
Adore baby garment

Summer  crochet necklace by Fibreromance
Crochet hook size 1.5 mm
Crochet thread: pearl, size 3

Daisy:( large)

Into magic ring: 11 SC
Round 1: Inc in each 2 SC, =22 SC
SL ST in next,
ch 11,
Working into chain: SC in second from the hook,
HDC,HDC, 7 DC, skip one st sl to the next,
Continue working all around, 10 petals made.
SL ST around each petal (SL ST to each st previously made, second last befor tip of petal ch 1, SC to the tip, ch 1, SL ST down the petal.

Smaller flower:

Chain 6, SL ST to the first to firm a circle,
Round 1: 12 SC into ring, SL ST to first,
Round 2: *ch 3, skip one,* continue all around = 6 loops
Round 3: SL ST to first loop, ch 3, 3 DC, ch 3, SL ST to the same loop, SL ST to the next loop
Repeat to each loop, fasten off.

Pink 3d flower:

With hot pink, into magic ring 7 SC
Round 1: SL ST to the first, inc 2 SC in each around =14 SC
Roud 2: work on front loops only: *SC, 2 inc*, = 21 SC
Round 3-4: SC around = 21 SC,(SL ST around in last round)fasten off

With cyclamen (work on unused loops of round 2):

Round 1: 14 SC.
Round 2: inc 2 SC in each around =28 SC
SL ST to the next, ch 3, skip two st, SL ST to the next, continue work around, = 9 loops
SL ST to the next , work into loop:
*SC, ch 1, 5 DC, ch1, SC, SL ST *, move to next loop, repeat to each loop around.
After last petal is made , SL ST , fasten off. Work ends in.

It works with yarn too:

Soft touch  red heart yarn white
Lime    hook size 3.25 mm


  1. This is absolutely beautiful!! Thanks for being generous and sharing it with us.

  2. You are very welcome Kim! Enjoy!

  3. very beautiful an cute i am planning to make one for my 2 n half yr old niece.planning to alter and convert into belt for her.thanks for sharing.1 more thing what cord u made for necklace could you let me know as i am new for all this thanks again.


    1. Use simple i-cord knit or other variations (please see comment bellow).
      Have a creative time ahead and post picture please!

  4. I agree your work is beautiful. Is this an I-cord knitted? I'm very much into flowers and turning them into scarfs and other neck wear suitable for spring, summer and a transition to fall. Any suggestions would be great. I admire your work. Thanks.

  5. Hi Gigi! Yes you can use I-cord knit, or just chain length needed and then slip stitch all the way down, you can also base your creation on silver chain, or use a ribbon as well. Thank for stopping by! Please, post picture of your work when is finished! Happy crafting!